Fall Color Palettes on Hue!

October 5, 2009

What a nice surprise to find a beautiful post by color consultant Barbara Jacobs on Rachel Perls’ color blog, Hue: for the love of color!  Barbara is always surprising me with these fabulous color palettes she puts together for her clients.  I create these colors and although they are all meant to work fairly well together, the combinations of color Barbara creates are stunning as you can see from her wonderful article on Rachel’s Blog.  Click on the links to go directly to the article. Here are just a couple of the eleven (yes, 11!) palettes she created inspired by the season and Mother Nature:



Read the article, “New England Fall Palette” to see the names of the colors.

Barbara Jacobs also creates very beautiful Tibetan rugs (Silk Road Weaves), in addition to being quite the color guru and decorative painting artist!  You can find out more about her at www.integralcolor.com!


  1. thanks for the mention! I was thrilled to have Barbara as a guest blogger- what a fantastic article she wrote.

  2. Yes, it was but I’m the one who thanks both of YOU!!!

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