2010 Color of the Year

October 2, 2009

The international team of color experts for the manufacturer of our paints, AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints), has already posted their selection for the 2010 Color of the Year!  Here’s how they describe it in their Colour Futures brochure which can now be downloaded (click on Colour Futures link throughout this post to download the pdf of the brochure).

“The Colour of the Year is an airy and optimistic blue that symbolizes infinite horizons, new beginnings, renewed energy and a positive dynamic. This clear, transparent shade encapsulates a sense of purity and goodness – a hopeful colour full of possibility. It puts over an image of vast skies, breezy ozone freshness and the energy and essentiality of water. Given these associations plus the fact that it is a receding colour it will always create a sense of space.

Blue, in colour psychology terms, is the colour associated with sky and sea. Airy light blues are recognised as being refreshing, soothing and liberating. They are good in helping to combat mental strain and stress, physical tiredness and feelings of exhaustion whilst at the same time being re-energising and encouraging fresh starts. They are also thought to enhance powers of communication which can help to promote feelings of confidence.

A balance of the spiritual and the intellectual is represented by the allusion to air, sky and water – the freedom of the spirit married to the rationality of the mind; the vision of the artist to the knowledge of the scientist. Both in interior and exterior setting this blue has an important role to play. It complements perfectly the contemporary materials and modern neutrality of glass, steel and concrete, but also works with stronger and more traditional interior shades such as crimson, burgundy, plum, teal, pewter and gold.

This colour speaks of hope and clarity – a pure, clean and unpolluted direction for the future of our planet; a chance to reclaim possibility with renewed vigour and energy – the clear new horizon of tomorrow.

–  from AkzoNobel Colour Futures brochure


(blue inspiration photo from Colour Futures )

One of my favorite, chameleon-like blues is “Gustavian Grey” shown in the photo below. It changes so much you are constantly asking “Is it blue? Is it gray? Is it green?”  Considering the great feedback I get about it, I’d have to say it’s my pick for 2010 Color of the Year! 🙂

All walls in this photo are painted Gustavian Grey, an atmospheric complex neutral gray, constantly shifting from green to blue.

Color is light and energy–one of the most powerful elements in design because it’s the most effective door to emotion, yet the least expensive element to work with. By simply changing the color of a room, you can literally transform your life.

Over the past year, we have added several new ethereal blues to our palette of  Full Spectrum Paints:  Alexandra Blue, Azure, Christine’s Cloud, Dusk, Gustavian Grey, H2 Ahh!, Sky, Seaglass, Slate and Wedgewood.

To discover the emotions and activities enhanced by other colors in our palette of certified “green” Full Spectrum Paints, visit us at ellenkennon.com. In addition to our Colors & Suggested Uses section, you’ll also find a Virtual Room Painter and a Photos & Reviews page with numerous photos of finished rooms sent to us by our valued paint customers.

For the latest on the 2010 color trends, see December 17 post (“Hot Pink!” and Other New Age Colors) and December 29 post (More on 2010 Color(s) of the Year)!


  1. So blue is the color of 2010! Nice to know, although for me blue is the color of the year every year – it’s my favorite color, in every shade! I just can’t get enough of it, there was a point in my life where my entire wardrobe was blue 🙂 But I’ve since discovered there are other colors out there that speak to me in the same way.

  2. Perfect as it is our color ever since our company started! It is really soothing to everyone’s eyes.

  3. You are fantastic,go on.


  5. blue is a nice color… i lyk it so much!!!

  6. blue is the one i like so much that’s why blue is the cheerful color for me..

  7. blue is the wonderful moment ive ever had for 2010

  8. this is my color…outstanding..

  9. Blue is the color of the year,its okay,blue is nice but my favorite color is green,a color of hope!

  10. color blue is great….

  11. hi!!! i was hoping that blue should be the color of the year this coming year 2010 and it seems like my wish has been granted…nice one!!!

  12. Excuse me guys. I don´t wanna kill it, but the color of the year 2010 is turquoise. May all colors be with you!

    • Yes, Pantone chose Turquoise as 2010 color, the blue was chosen by Akzo Nobel’s international color group. To see more info about the 2010 colors of the year, including Pantone’s “Turquoise”, see my post “Hot Pink!” and Other New Age Colors!

  13. blue is my favorite color…

    • blue is not my favorite color.
      but honestly, blue is a cutie..

  14. blue or green?

  15. very nice color…toooo cool luv it

  16. my fvorite color is Blue… so color of the year should be Blue…… 4ever!!! i jzt love it……

  17. blue is my favoirite color like blue sky


  19. Hello, i am so happy, the motif of my wedding is blue and fuschia which is coordinated with this color. I thank that God bless and guide us for our destiny.

  20. wow.. i love it so much.. blue…. ♥ ♥ ♥

  21. wow! neat…

  22. i like so much blue,very cool and perfect color for the business,and i love white color too…very nice brighter for the future….

  23. year the color is cool, coz also it’s ma personal colr.

  24. blue is so cool…….i like it very much since i was a kid

  25. mahal ko kayo.

  26. yes i agreed, blue is very nice color .and i do felt this was lucky to me on this year 2010..many blessing comes on my way, as i wore blue wen abt to start the year 2010. thank GOD,s

  27. elow…i love color blue…

  28. the real color of the year is indigo, meaning healing and spritial peace love is the key

  29. I really like the color blue so much … Especially I’m Fashionista in our family and also my mother …
    All I can say is great !!!

  30. i dont know why i choose that color

  31. mapiya a kolor a blue aya ..pkhababayaan akn a tanto..

  32. All I can say is … Love it!!

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  34. oh blue .that is my favorite color .that is the color of my life

  35. Love that color! Blue is even a favorite in graphic design. Check out this blog post. http://bit.ly/5uvByG

  36. wow i like blue color it’s very very good color i love blue color

  37. blue , especially turquoise, is one of the best colors in the world. and i love it. but Unfortunately, because of my skin color, it’s not suitable for me.I can use only from bags, shoes, skirt ,pants and Jewelry in blue.

  38. oh,blue-blue is my favorite color ,and ilove this color,i,m inspire with this color……..““

  39. hi
    i just believe that a special section that just shows the year colour will be really an interesting idea.

  40. ja blue looks good to me.

  41. What is your first memory?

  42. oooo!!!!!blue!!!!nice

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  45. oh!blue is better i love this coluor

  46. awesome!….I like it!

  47. awesome!…I like it much!

  48. Can wait to wear baby blue to a newyear eve party this year. 2011 here I come!!!¡!

  49. Can wait to wear baby blue to a newyear eve party this year. 2011 here I come!!!¡! Color Blue!!¡!

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