Violet Update: The inspiring qualities of Violet

September 24, 2009

In my last newsletter (Living Well Summer 2009), I mentioned Owen Kemp’s “Violet” attic boudoir-bedroom but did not include a photo.  Since then, another paint client emailed me a photo of her master bedroom that she painted Violet in her old house.  However, she has since moved into a new house where the woodwork is stained a dark brown and her husband (like many!) would not let her paint over it.  She was asking whether or not the Violet would look good with the dark brown trim.  Well, although Violet looks great with crisp white, it also is naturally compatible with earthy browns as you can see in the photos I snapped with my handy iPhone (hence the reason they are not great) of both Owen’s attic bedroom/boudoir and Kim’s previous master bedroom:

Violet 003View into Owen’s Bedroom

Violet Boudoir Owen’s “Boudoir” (i.e. dressing room) complete with Jacuzzi!

MasterbedroomAKim’s Master Bedroom in Previous House

As you can see, Violet can have more than one look (& feeling)!  As a color, Violet is a very spiritual color (it’s the color of the crown chakra) that promotes inspiration and humility and stimulates dream activity. A true violet is 50% blue and 50% red, therefore it is the balance of the physical and spiritual and is a reminder that we need both aspects within our life for balanced health. It is calming and healing and great for meditation. Leonardo DaVinci believed that the power of meditation could be magnified ten-fold under the violet light falling through the stained glass window of a quiet church. And if all that weren’t enough, it is also known to control excess hunger!


  1. I just love the last photograph – the calm greenery outside looks like a part of the decor and picks up on the green accent pieces in the room. It’s like the homeowners planned this effect 🙂

  2. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

    • I’m just seeing your comment! Thanks so much!!

  3. Thank you so much Ellen for your excitement and guidance and mastery as I recreate and co-create just the perfect ambiance for my office/sanctuary space. This is a joyous time for me and I appreciate having you on this journey with me to create the vibration that allows the cocreative juices to flow so freely.

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