The Powerful Heart

September 1, 2009

Many years ago, I learned an incredible technique that uses the energy of the heart to actually heal, both emotionally and physically. I first read about the technique in Meredith Young-Sowers’ first book, Agartha: A Journey to the Stars where she used it to heal her newborn baby of a high fever and then later, shortly after I had a biopsy for skin cancer, Meredith personally taught me this same technique during a phone consultation. The wound disappeared in less than 24 hours with no sign of it whatsoever!  This “spiritual aspirin” as Meredith calls it, has also served me well during stressful times. 

It’s as simple as placing both palms over your heart center (one above the other-not crossed) and focusing on the energy in that area. Your ability to create a focus of attention is not just a cerebral or brain activity. It is an activity on many levels of consciousness. Wherever you place your attention within your body, or within the energy field of your body, there is an immediate flow of subtle energy to that point or area, which has an enlivening effect upon the cells of your body and the luminous light fibers that comprise your energy body, or aura.

So, that said, when you start feeling the energy that emanates from your heart, begin imagining it radiating outward through your arms into the palms of your hands. Then, once you’ve made that connection and generated that feeling, take one hand (doesn’t matter which one) and move it to the area that needs healing, while visualizing the energy radiating from your heart.  You can do this on yourself, as I did to heal the wound on my leg, or on others, as Meredith did to relieve her baby’s fever. As I said, I have also used it to relieve stress, by simply keeping both hands over the heart while having dental work or other stressful medical procedures.

 Since then, I have read about various powerful techniques using the heart by several other shaman/authors including  Robert Shapiro, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and most recently Tom Kenyon’s last two channels, “Chaotic Nodes” and “Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations” (which I highly recommend).  In Kenyon’s most recent, “Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations”, he talks about the H1N1 Virus known as “swine flu” and reminds us that as individuals and as a collective, we can change our destinies even as they unfold before us and refers us back to an earlier April 18, 2005 channel, “Ecstasy and the Heart” where he shares another powerful technique involving focusing on your heart while generating feelings of appreciation and gratitude.  Note, he says “feelings” (not thought), which is key. As you focus on the physical heart and generate feelings of appreciation and gratitude, a waveform of energy begins to flow through the body, carried by magnetic fields of the heart which emanate outward from the physical heart to encompass your entire body. As the flow of energy begins throughout the body, then shift your attention to the field around your body. By doing this, you are creating powerful harmonic patterns that bring you into resonance with the universal flow of love energy. 

I have been practicing this technique for years—especially when outdoors where I am always appreciating the beautiful vistas of nature. It’s absolutely amazing what happens with all of the animals nearby. Our cats & dogs gather around, birds start circling and singing, cicadas start chirping—it’s incredible!  I also do this during thunderstorms, sending the energy out further and further, encompassing our home and property and in no time, the storms calm. 

 If more people practiced doing this several times a day, can you imagine what we could create?  These are turbulent times and I’m happy to say, I’ve managed to escape most of the drama because not a day goes by that I don’t consciously feel gratitude and appreciation!


  1. Ellen, thanks so much for this post.
    Reading this today was just the reminder I needed.
    Always a pleasure to see what you’re up to.

    • Thanks Anna! I know what you mean about reminders! I was inspired to write it after going back through Kenyon’s previous Hathor channels!

  2. My eldest son told me about this a little while back, and I think it’s such a simple but important philosophy and approach to life: Called “appreciative inquiry,” it’s basically about looking to our strengths and do more of what that means, as opposed to focusing on problems and working to fix them. Check this out – http://www.appreciative-inquiry.org/

    • Thanks Barbara! I will definitely check out this website!

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