Empty Nesting!

August 17, 2009

Well, we took our 16 year old daughter to boarding school Saturday and although I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach right after we left, I did feel good about her living accommodations and frame of mind, as she had her boyfriend and best friend with her who will also be attending.  The next day, I spent cleaning her room and the rest of the house so I can finally enjoy it without having to worry how long it will take for someone to make a mess (a pleasure I have not had in over 16 years)! 

The only time I cried was on the way up there when I was laughing so hard I cried over how silly we must have looked with her Dad’s van and my car packed to the gills. In addition to the fridge, rug, clothing, computer, printer & school supplies, I even had a custom mattress made because I had heard how uncomfortable the school mattresses were.  Since this is a public boarding school (LSMSA), Alex was a bit out of place, looking more like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. You’ll recall how important it is for teenagers to feel they fit in! Luckily, her dorm room was at the very end of the hall where we were able to haul everything up through a back entrance, so we didn’t make quite the spectacle I had envisioned.

Thanks to texting, Skype video calls and emails, I’ll be able to keep in close contact and since the school keeps very close tabs on them; I’m thinking I’ll be missing the gray hairs most parents get from their kids being out on the streets in cars with other teens.  The school has a firm policy of “no cars” and they have to travel via foot or bicycle in “packs”.  So far the only complaint I’ve heard, has been about the hot, humid weather.

Alex decorated her own half of her dorm room and they don’t allow re-painting, so hopefully she’ll be comfortable yet want to come home for weekend visits!  I couldn’t resist snapping a photo!


Wouldn’t it be great if we could paint the room Chartreuse? Spring Green?  Maybe Peridot??? Keep up with Alex’s boarding school adventure via her New Blog [INSERT WITTY PHRASE HERE]

Speaking of colors, as I mentioned previously, Color Consultant Lori Sawaya is working on her new revamped website and asked me to provide a list of my top best selling paint colors.  Well, after running a Quickbooks report of our sales since January of 2008, it looks like Buttercream is still leading the list, but White Opal, Gustavian Grey and Mushroom are following not far behind.  Classic Marc, which was introduced in our Designer Palette at the beginning of 2008 is now in fifth place!  Of course, designer Marc Charbonnet for whom the color was named, uses this in every one of his projects. If you haven’t seen the work of this spectacular designer, visit his portfolio at MECAproductions.com. Marc also uses a lot of our White Opal, Snow & Classic Cream, which are all popular shades of white and Pearl, which was created for Marc and introduced along with our Designer Palette, is quickly gaining popularity.  To finish up the top ten is Rainbow Fog, but Wheat and Amy’s Sarasota Sand are so close, it’s almost a tie. The shift over the past year and a half has gone from the popular, earthier browns and greens like Adobe, Edgewood Green & Sage to these lighter neutrals. Chartreuse, a lighter more cheerful green, is quickly becoming one of our most popular greens! 

Classic Marc, Snow & White Opal are three of our most popular colors used in Marc Charbonnet's project above.

(Classic Marc, Snow & White Opal are three of our most popular colors used in Marc Charbonnet’s project photo above.)



  1. The Beatles, Dylan and Marley. God love her, there is hope for the world. Believe it or not, there are lots of kids who don’t know who the Beatles are/were, let alone Dylan.

    I was born in New Orleans with a Baton Rouge bred mother and upstate New York dad (we’re all a little schizophrenic). We moved a zillion times but I had enough time in the deep South over the years that when I read your newsletter and look at some of your photos, I can feel the air and smell the green. Makes me want to find a hammock and some sweet tea, and listen to a group of women speaking in that incredible Baton Rouge drawl. Then go find some blues and Cajun food and music to counteract all that warm slow honey and wet heat that glues you to your chair.

    Which reminds me. You might consider Story Corps, if it comes near, for someone in what sounds like a wide and fascinating circle of friends and family. I took my Mom (78 now)to Story Corps, an NPR project that sends Airstream buses around the country to collect oral stories – the format is, one person interviews someone else. Daughter interviews mom, friend to friend, wife to husband — whomever. You get a CD of the interview and it goes in the National Archives, and some (1 percent or so) are broadcast nationwide. When I asked her what she wished she had done differently (one of their suggestions), she told this tale of the South.

    In the early 60s, as a young married woman, she drove from No. Carolina to New Orleans with a long-time family housekeeper, Sarah. Planning to drive straight through, it got very late and Mom feared she might fall asleep at the wheel, so she stopped at a motel. They looked into the car, saw Sarah, and said Mom could stay, but Sarah (African American) would have to go somewhere else (they named the place). Mom had to leave Sarah in a not-so-nice place, and said she never felt entirely ‘clean’ since. I’d never heard this story. So much goes unspoken.

    The South, so lush, rich in joys and sorrows. Your art and color work is a wonderful metaphor for the beautiful side of Southern life.

    • Thanks so much Rebecca! That’s something I will check into & share with my friends. When it comes to stories, we have some doozies! Look me up next time you’re in my neck of the woods. I’ll take you to lunch and show you the sites, er I mean introduce you around. 🙂

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