House Beautiful goes New Age!

August 6, 2009

The Fall Color Issue (September ’09) of House Beautiful magazine is out on the stands and I am thrilled to say, it’ is one of the best issues ever!  I don’t say this because they were kind enough to include me in Mimi Read’s article, “What’s Your Color Personality” either!  For starters, there’s a special cover with a pull-out chart by Michele Bernhardt who wrote the popular Colorstrology book (which is now also an iPhone App) on how to “Balance Your Home with Color”. Then, my fab friend Kate Smith of SensationalColor.com gives amazing intuitive insight in her “What The Colors Say” comments about each of the decorator’s color choices used in each of their beautifully photographed projects.  Didn’t know she was so psychic as they said she “nailed it”! 

Although they include me in the “Ask a Color Consultant: Three of the Best . . .” part of the article, I have to say, their Color Quiz on the back page has given me lots of great questions to ask my clients!  Mimi’s 4 page article covers many of my favorite sources for all things related to color, including Doreen Virtue’s Archangel info and my Numerology Key to Your Color Personality!  This one’s a keeper!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

HB Fall Color Cover


  1. Yes, this is a great issue and I was thrilled that we were both included! I enjoyed your quote and the numerology piece. What fun.

    I loved doing the “What the Color Says” comments and it was fun to read about the rooms from the designers perspective since I knew nothing about the occupants when I made my comments. It is amazing what colors say about us isn’t it?

    Stephen Drucker and his team deserve all of the compliments they are receiving for the September issue. It really is a fabulous collection of COLOR!

  2. Yes, both Style Director Newell Turner and Stephen Drucker certainly DO deserve mighty praise for such a great issue! Thanks Kate!!!

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