Summer Showers, Sales and Cool Colors!

July 24, 2009

After more than a month of absolutely zero rain (which is almost unheard of in Louisiana) we have been having those wonderful afternoon showers almost daily!  It used to be that you could always count on an afternoon shower to cool things down before the evening, and thankfully, the past week hasn’t let us down here in St. Francisville. 

Must be something about the Summer heat that’s stimulting an interest in cool colors. I can’t tell you how many people we’ve had call to repaint a bedroom in one of what I call our “spa colors” (Aqua, Oasis, H2 Ahh!, Lichen, Gustavian Grey).  Our most popular, Gustavian Grey, is currently gracing the walls of more and more bedrooms and bathrooms.  I have to say, it really is an amazing color in that it is THE most chameleon-like, atmospheric color we’ve created to date.  Color Consultant Lori Sawaya (also known as “Funcolors” on many decorating forums, like Gardenweb and HGTV Message Boards) posted this photo of it she had taken by photographer Karen Zacheis:

Gustavian Grey on all walls in this photo show how it shifts from blue to green!

You can see how Gustavian Grey, which is on all walls in this photo shifts back and forth between blue and green!

I just heard from Lori who is almost finished revamping her new website, ColorStrategies.net, and her Color Noodle Blog, after recently moving from Ohio to El Paso, Texas where she says she’s loving the weather even though it’s been 100 degrees!  She says that dry heat is much cooler than we’re used to and the evenings are wonderfully cool.  When I think of El Paso, I immediately think Mexico, so after getting her email, I was inspired to invite a few friends over for Margaritas and thought I’d share this recipe from an authentic Mexican restaurant: 

Equal One-Third Parts (1/3) each of Tequila, Triple Sec & Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, shaken over the rocks, served in a glass with a salted rim.  Very refreshing, but can be potent, so not too many!

The Sale I mentioned?  Dino Mark Anthony is having a HUGE sale on all fabrics in stock!  Also, a very nice sale on furniture as well, upholstered or slipcovered in the “in-stock” fabrics.  Seems he is reducing his large fabric inventory as several of the mills have gone out of business.  One thing about the Dino line of furniture, the quality is so outstanding, you’ll never have to replace anything you get from him!

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