Summer Solstice Energies and Michael Jackson (a Violet)

July 1, 2009

I always enjoy reading Karen Bishop’s “Wings” posts on her website, emergingearthangels.com and thought I’d share what she had to say about Michael Jackson in relation to the change in energies after the Summer Solstice.  If you click on her website above, you can read the entire post, but here’s the excerpt about Michael Jackson:

“When substantial shifts occur, it can create the departure of souls who have been carrying significant amounts of higher level energy. When Steve Irwin died, he left the energy of wildlife and wilderness conservancy behind. He had embodied this energy within himself to a massive degree, so by departing, he then allowed this energy to be dissipated to many others on the planet, thus creating a more widely spread purpose and higher energy for the planet as a whole.

Dana Reeve created the same effect when she departed. She embodied angelic energy, and thus, when she departed, we were then given the opportunity as a whole to now embody this energy ourselves.

At other times, souls carrying a significant amount of energy depart because we have evolved beyond the energy they are embodying, and the role of these souls is now over. Anna-Nicole Smith was one of these souls.

When souls depart who carry significant amounts of energy, their sudden absence can be greatly felt, and what they leave behind creates a ripple effect as it migrates and dissipates out for the entire planet to embrace and now embody in a more evenly distributed way.

Michael Jackson, perhaps the most talented performer of all time, embodied a massive amount of higher level energy. He was extremely connected to a higher level and to “the other side.” He was unmistakably a bridge; bringing this higher level energy into form and then giving it out to the masses. Remembering oh so well what the “other side” was like, he, like others, found it extremely difficult to exist within and understand the strange and many times darker energies that were on the planet while he was here.

So then, he embodied massive amounts of energy relating to the other side and bringing it here. In this way, he suddenly departed precisely around the time we experienced the solstice of June 21, because it was now time to dissipate that energy to the planet. He has now given us this energy to embody ourselves. He no longer needed to hold so much of it himself, as the shift of the solstice created this new connection for the planet to now experience on its own.”

It’s not surprising that when you do the color-numerology on Michael Jackson’s name, he comes up as a “Violet”.  Violet is the color of many of the great masters of music and art. They are very old souls who intense yet cerebral, psychic and sensitive. Wise beyond their years, they are also loving, generous, extravagant, loyal and sentimental.  To find out what color you are, check out our Winter 2001 Living Well Newsletter.

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