Using Color to Pull a Room Together

June 18, 2009

Yesterday I received a request to come up with a color for a living room with two matching sofas covered in the fabric shown below and it reminded me of a recent interview I had where I stated that Designers often pick wall colors by trying to match it to fabrics and furnishings, and they don’t give a thought to the powerful ways that color affects the emotions. To me, this is by far the more important consideration: how we feel is what life is all about!  The current color of the room was a wimpy sky blue which washed out next to the vibrantly patterned sofas.  We’re going to go with “Edgewood Green” which is not one of the fabric’s colors, but it is a soothing, healing color that complements the red color in the fabric (opposite on the color wheel and all that) which is predominant and has enough depth to balance the boldness of the sofas.  She has wonderfully high ceilings with wide crown molding, so we’ll go with the pale sky blue on the ceilings which will make you feel like you’re outdoors in nature on a sunny day!  When I get back photos, I’ll be sure to post them, so you can see for yourself you don’t need to match colors the furnishings when selecting wall colors, go by what feels right!


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