Corporate “Souls” & Conscious Corporations

April 16, 2009

I just received another interesting Beacons of Light newsletter from Steve Rother of Lightworker.com.   He talked about how we will begin to see more and more of what he calls “conscious corporations”, meaning that rather than having “making money” as a top priority, they must be responsible first to humanity as a whole and then to the corporation’s own goals, demonstrating that it is adding something to the higher good of humanity.  He used as an example, the recent event where OPEC made an announcement that they would hold current production quotas at their current levels rather than cut production to drive up oil prices.  When asked why they made this decision, OPEC stated that the current world financial situation was fragile at this time and they did not wish to add to the problem!

He also said that transparency in business will become commonplace.  There’s so much doom and gloom in the media, it’s nice to hear we are indeed evolving quite quickly!  If you’d like to read the rest of the newsletter, click on: Conscious Corporations-Making Space for Empowered Humans or you can watch the Virtual Light Broadcast (YouTube Video) on Lightworker.com’s home page.

Speaking of  “vibrations”, have you seen Julia’s article “Vibrational Frequency: Ten Signs You’ve Raised Yours“?  I’m happy to report I’m doing pretty well, but still working on #9, which has always been a bit of a challenge, but I must say, I haven’t been called a “control freak” in quite a while!

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