A Plug and a Pat on the Back!

April 6, 2009

How nice to pick up today’s paper to see the cover of the people section featuring good friends Janie Simmons’ and Randy Hunter’s properties.  I have always thought they had the perfect set up for a couple’s living arrangements.  Two separate houses adjoined by a 38′ high foot bridge that spans a 180′ wide ravine.  When Janie feels like “receiving” (guests, or er Randy specifically), she turns on the bridge lights.  And when she’s too tired after her long drive home from teaching school in Baton Rouge; Randy takes his que when she leaves the lights off. 

I was also pleased as punch to get credit for the architectural design of Randy’s house, which was taken from my initial design of my own home, pictured above.  Here’s a link to the online article: 

“Well Connected” in The Advocate, Baton Rouge’s daily newspaper


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