Catching Up!

March 27, 2009

Just when I promised myself I would post more often, an entire week has gone by!  I have been working on my Spring newsletter and am anxiously awaiting photos from our featured clients, architects Daniel Dreher & his wife, Bhavna Mistry, of their newly renovated home in New Orleans.  They not only used our paints inside and out, but were the first to use my new “fairy dust” concoction of mica powder and quartz crystal powder in their Master Bedroom suite!  The visual effect is very subtle, but the way it affects the energy of the space is most interesting.  Mica not only creates luminosity, but it also magnetizes or attracts into it denser or limiting energies (heavier energies).  According to the book, Love is in the Earth, it not only has been used to treat insomnia, but it also provides for self-reflection, allowing one to recognize flaws yet remain in a heart space to continue to love despite the flaws, allowing one to recognize that “in each person you see but the reflection of that which you choose to have that person be”.  Quartz crystal is like a receiver and transmitter.  Together with the mica, they receive or pull out discordant or inharmonious energies and the color of the paint transmits its energy back into the space.  So for instance, if you were to use pink in someone’s bedroom, it would pull out any inharmonious or unloving energies and transmit that energy back into the room.  Again, the visual effects are very subtle, as we use cosmetic grade mica; but when a wall painted with paint with our “fairy dust” additive is hit by direct sunlight, it glissens, evoking images of Merlin’s cave! 

On another note, I will be driving my daughter and a friend up to Natchitoches this afternoon, so although things are usually slow on Friday afternoons, I will forward my phones and my former assistant, Teresa, will be able to input paint orders remotely.  By the way, Teresa is the general manager of The Myrtles Plantation, which is considered one of the most haunted houses in America.  It is a B&B with a restaurant on the grounds, and may soon appear in a reality TV series!  While guests come to Shadetree, the B&B where our office is also located, for romance; The Myrtles’ guests come for the ghosts and according to Teresa, they are some interesting folks to say the least!  I’ll keep you posted on the reality show progress!

Oh, and in case you are wondering why Natchitoches?  Alexandra (of “Alexandra Blue” fame), will be attending LSMSA next year, so we’re going up for testing and auditions to determine which classes she’ll be taking.  I’m already on a Yahoo parent’s group which has been most helpful, as this will be her first year away from home and I’m already missing her! 

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