Radiate the Light!

March 12, 2009

Following up on my March 4th post about Julia Rogers Hamrick’s “Easy World”.  In her chapter “Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part 2, there’s a link to specific things you can do to get back into “the flow” of Easy World or what I have often referred to as living a synchronistic lifestyle where everything magically happens to fall into place at just the right time.  It’s really worth the read.  The first thing I do when I need to get back in sync, is to put on Robert Coxon’s Silent Path and Prelude to Infinity CDs.  Then I go out onto my deck (where there are stereo speakers) and soak up the vibes from Mother Nature while I do some deep breathing and yoga stretching, followed by “radiating the light”.  

Radiating the light is a technique I initially learned over 20 years ago from being hynotized into not a past life, but a future life!  It was my second time to be hynoptized by an NYU professor who also gave psychic readings.  After first being hypnotized into my most recent past life, she explained that time was actually more circular than linear and asked if I would like to try and see if I knew about any of my future lives.  Being quite adventurous at the time, I jumped at the chance for such an experience.  Once hyptonized, she would ask questions, starting with the day I was born, asking me to describe my surroundings.  It was like watching a movie, yet one I will never forget.  Here’s the short version:

I not only could see that I was in a clinical environment, but instinctively knew that I was formulated as a test tube baby for my special mental abilities.  Then, when I was a young boy (yes, I was a man!), I described my surroundings and the most important people in my life at that time.  All the same questions she had asked during our previous session into a past life, except this was the future.  I saw myself in what I described as a “seminary of sorts” where I was studying to become a “minister of sorts”.  Everyone was telepathic and there was no need for speaking any language.  As I grew older, I became someone that people would come to for healing and also saw myself standing in front of a congregation where we all imagined ourselves radiating light together.  This simple exercise of imagining yourself breathing in light from the heavens and as you exhale, sending it out through and around your body, kept us healthy; and as we continued to radiate the light out further and further, this created a bubble of protection around our entire community.  She asked me my name, and I replied “Alph Koto”.  Where was I?  “Africa”.  When was this?  “22nd Century”.  Who was the most important person in my life?  “My wife, Cela”.  Now, I have never even heard of such names before and even though I was hypnotized, I wondered where was this coming from??  I was spinning quite a tale!

However, I am convinced that the reason I am never sick is because I have been consciously “radiating the light” at least once daily.  And. . . when there are storms in our area, I put our home and property in a bubble of light and I have actually seen the storm dissapate!

Not long afterwards, I went to the Whole Life Expo in New York where there was a Kirlean camera that could photograph the human aura.  So I tried an experiment.  Here is the photograph of my aura in my natural state:


Then, I had them take the photo again after giving me a few minutes to imagine myself radiating light energy all around me:


What do you think???

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