Autumn 2008 Living Well Newsletter has been posted!

November 3, 2008

No sooner had I posted the latest issue of Living Well, I almost immediately received the following email from one of our loyal paint customer/friends, Cam:


Ellen, this is my favorite newsletter of all the ones I’ve read! 
What your friend has done in her home is so much like what we did in our family room here.  It used to be painted dark green (this was before I discovered your paint, but it was a lot like Magnolia or darker) and when we repainted it Citrine, it truly felt like a weight had been lifted.  We love our Mocha bedroom in the mountains and other deep colors we’ve used, but lightening up some of our colors here has been wonderful.
The newsletter also made me realize that maybe I can JUST PAINT a room or two without having to do a total redecoration.  I’ve been putting off painting our bedroom, which is a deep periwinkle almost like your Amethyst, because I really want to replace the draperies and bedding but don’t want to spend that money just yet.  I’m going to see if a lighter blue would work with the fabric and just paint for now — with a beautiful color on the walls, I know I could find a perfect fabric later!
Thank you for inspiring me — now that the election is almost over (I’ve been working hard at the local Obama office), I can concentrate on my home sweet home soon!  I’m so glad for your relatively smooth time through the hurricanes and I hope all continues to go well for you.  Hope I will be ordering some paint soon!



l hope others will enjoy reading about Sidney’s color transformation as much as Cam did!  To read the latest Living Well:  www.ellenkennon.com/newsletter.htm

By the way, I’m working on a couple of new projects.  One is hopefully going to be ready in time for upcoming seasonal gift-giving.  We are creating new sample sets where the back side of each color card will have the color therapy information along with suggested uses for that particular color. 

Also, I have been playing with adding mica & quartz crystal powder to certain colors in an effort to enhance the energy of the paint when applied to a room.  It’s very subtle to look at but I think it could be quite powerful.  Of course, ICI won’t add the “fairy dust” mixture to the paints at each store–nor could we stock all the stores with it, so we’d have to mail the fairy dust to you to add to each gallon yourself!  I’ll keep you posted.  In any event, I am really working hard to get the new, improved sets out within the next few weeks!

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