Business as usual? Somewhat!!!

September 8, 2008

Well, sort of!  Still no power here at the office, but I was delighted to return home around 11 this morning to find men working on the lines on our road!  They said depending on when they turn it on at the main station, we could have power at our home within a couple hours.  Well, not yet.  It’s 3:20 and I just checked on things and the men are gone and there’s still no power.  These noisy, smelly generators are starting to look pretty good.  At least the one at the office is keeping our DSL going and a fan to keep Teresa and I from fainting in the 94 degree heat while we efax in our paint orders and package up the sample orders!  When I went to bring packages to the post office, they were wearing helmets with flashlights sorting the mail in the dark!  Talk about living up to their “rain, snow, sleet or hail” slogan! 

We’re having a “take a hike Ike sale”!  If you call to place an order, be sure to ask for the “take a hike Ike” sale and you’ll get $5 off per gallon!

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