Life on the frontier!

September 6, 2008

Well, we made it back to St. Francisville yesterday.  Although our office at Shadetree has no power, Kenwood has a generator which is keeping a few things going, like internet service!!  Also, the weather is quite nice, so we have opened all the windows at home and will be spending our first night there tonight.  I have to say, though, we lost at least a dozen trees.  The beautiful little hammock area is covered in downed trees and limbs.  I can’t even get back there to see the extent of it.  Also, our garden fence was knocked down by a cherry tree, but amazingly enough, no bird houses or feeders were damaged.  Wallace, who maintains our property is coming Tuesday with a crew to start cleaning things up.

The entire town of St. Francisville has no power.  There are 100 National Guard troops here just to help out.  Lines over a mile long to get gasoline (thank goodness we filled up just before arriving into town).  My men friends seem to be enjoying the camping out aspect of things, but my women friends have really had a time of it.  Everyone is drinking heavily.  We are so thankful to be just getting in on the tail end of things and hear we should have power back in the heart of town by Monday.  However, at home it could take over a week! 

At least it is quiet at home.  Here in town, there is the loud noise of generators everywhere (not to mention the fumes).  But, hey, we are incredibly fortunate and look forward to business as usual on Monday here in our office!

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