Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

September 3, 2008

Received word late yesterday that our house is in great shape.  We just have a few trees down on our property, but not any that are as dear as some (like the live oak off the deck).  Thank goodness we left before the storm because I hear both St. Francisville and Baton Rouge look like war zones and everyone there is having a really hard time without power.  Our power is projected to be back on at our office later this week, so we will return as soon as we get word.  Teresa is on standby to get out sample orders as soon as it goes back on.  Power at the house always takes more time since we are a little further out.  But, thank goodness our office is located on the grounds of Shadetree B&B, so we’ll be comfortable staying there. 

Thanks to all of our friends and loyal paint customers who have expressed concern over our situation.  We are very thankful to have so many wonderful people inour lives.  God bless you all!

Our tollfree number seems to be working again:  877-877-7628 and although a bit noisy in the lobby of the Peabody, their internet service is great!  Also, I noticed they received quite a few bad reviews online from previous guests, but our stay and their employees have been fantastic!


  1. So glad!
    Really happy to hear that your wonderful home survived relatively unscathed. I hope that Shadetree did also!
    You did mean Baton Rouge is SOUTH of St. Francisville, didn’t you?
    My prayers go out to all those intrepid Louisiana folks who are enduring the storm and effects thereof (and the not-so-intrepid ones, too!).
    Julia Rogers Hamrick

  2. Re: So glad!

    Thank you, Julia! You are absolutely right. St. Francisville is 30 miles NORTH of Baton Rouge. We are hoping to return within the next day or two. Just waiting anxiously to hear when the power is back on at our office. Thank goodness I had the wherewithall to bring my office with me!!!

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