Still working despite Gustav!

September 2, 2008

Only one snag!  Although I escaped to Little Rock before the storm hit and forwarded my office phone to my cell, because it is a local number, it’s not always working.  However, my cell phone (225-721-0891) and email (fspaints@aol.com) still work, so I’m here with my laptop still able to fax in paint orders!  My valued assistant Teresa is in St. Francisville ready to send out sample orders as soon as we regain mail service.

As you probably know, Baton Rouge, which is just 30 miles north of us, took the brunt of the storm and I hear St. Francisville also took a pretty bad hit with trees down everywhere and no power anywhere.  I’m anxiously awaiting word on how our house faired.  I did hear that there is a tree down on our private road blocking entrance to our driveway.  The news says 1.4 million people in Louisiana are without power, so who knows how long it will take to get power.  It must be miserably hot with our typical heat and humidity this time of year and my thoughts and prayers go out to all fellow Louisianians!

My daughter Alex and I are going to stay here in Little Rock as long as we can, so please keep those orders coming!  🙂

At least I got my Summer newsletter out before all hell broke loose!

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