Helping Amanda Get To College!

May 13, 2008

 Today I received an email forwarded from another single mother who found an ingenuous way to try and help her daughter follow her dreams.  After clicking on the link to their website, http://www.helpamandagettocollege.info/ , and reading more about them, I immediately donated $10 and forwarded it on to about 30 friends.  Just when I was figuring out how I could put together an entry for my blog about this, Julia Rogers Hamrick, who forwarded the email, emailed me again with a link to her newly written blog entry all about it!


Kate Smith with Sensational Color, another talented single mother, who is incredibly internet savvy, sent me a link to another website she had recently heard about, www.realitycharity.com, that does something similar but on a huge scale.  They’re calling it “the ebay of giving”!  Pass it forward!!

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