Mother of the Year Sale!

May 9, 2008

 My valued assistant, Teresa David, was just selected as “Mother of the Year” here in St. Francisville.  Her daughter, Katie, who is graduating from high school, nominated her by submitting a beautifully written paper on why her mother should be named “Mother of the Year”.  It took up almost an entire page in our local newspaper, so I’ll give you the version sans Reba McEntire quote:

“If you live in St. Francisville, I’m sure you’re familiar with her smiling face at Magnolia Cafe’, her superb customer service for Full Spectrum Paints, and her brilliant organizational skills for local events.  You call her Birdie . . or Teresa, but I call her Mama. . . . Because my mom is a single parent, she has always worked multiple jobs to ensure that my brother, sister, and I have a good life.  She has always encouraged us to be everything we can be.  When my brother came to my mom his senior year and said that he wanted to join the United States Marine Corps, she immediately started buying cards and stamps to send him letters while in training.  When my little sister decided that she wanted to play every sport offered at the middle school, my mom made sure that Caleigh had all the proper equipment.  When I was selected to be on the 2007 Homecoming court, my mom brought an entourage of 26 people to support me.  You would say that my mom is so proud of us, and believe me she is, but I would say that I am so proud of her.  I cannot even imagine being a single mom, living in such a complex and busy world.  She manages to get right on by!  I don’t know if it is her unfailing faith, her determination and drive, or just her love of life, but she is the happiest person I know.  Mom is probably one of the best friends that anyone could ever dream of.  Not only is she my best friend, but she is a loyal friend to many of you in this community.  I have never met someone so willing to come to someones rescue, or be there when someone has troubles, whether it e personal, car, or fashion related.  She’s like our own little superhero of St. Francisville.  I know growing up, she definitely was the superhero of our house.  My brother and I used to call her “Spidermom” because whenever we would see a spider, she would come to our rescue.  Mom is also involved in the community by supporting and volunteering for Project Graduation, The March of Dimes, Relay For Life, sporting events banquets, or school related events.  She has always supported me on my COUNTLESS endeavours and does the same for our community.  Mama has, and will always be, “Mom of the Year” to use.  She deserves to be commended on her hard work.  She will never ask or expect praise for any circumstance.  What she gains is much more rewarding than being commended, she gains the love and respect of everyone around her.  I feel soblessed to have such a personable and charismatic mother.  I hope that all of her days are as sweet as her!  I love you Mama.”

Pretty wonderful praise, don’t you think?  And I have to tell you, Teresa has been working here at Full Spectrum Paints since last November, and while I’ve had some great assistants, Teresa is THE BEST!

TO CELEBRATE Mother’s Day and Teresa’s outstanding award (which, by the way, came with lots of prizes from local businesses), we are having a “Mother of the Year Sale”.  $5 off per gallon when you congratulate Teresa while you place your order for paint!!  Please note:  Offer ends Friday, May 16th.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the other wonderful mothers out there! 

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