Why, I couldn’t have said it better!

April 11, 2008

 I just received an email from Kate Smith of Sensational Color letting me know she re-wrote some information (click here to read) on me and our paints.  That Kate, I don’t know how she manages to do it.  She writes an interesting color blog every day–sometimes even more than one, and does a fabulous job of making sure her website, www.sensationalcolor.com, is always current with the latest on color!  Sensational Color just keeps getting better and better!   

Meanwhile, I’m struggling to finish my newsletter which I’m hoping to post early next week!  

Also, I just discovered another great website, www.1stdibs.com, that NYC Interior Designer Ellen Hanson (www.ellenhansondesigns.com) is affiliated with.  In addition to offering a wonderful selection of antiques, mid-century modern and vintage designer furnishings, it hosts a wealth of wonderful articles by various creative people.  Ellen Hanson, who has been recycling since she was 14, is the author of “Green Scene”, and is passionate about helping others (especially other designers), pay more attention to designing environments that don’t cause further harm to the environment.  Ellen has previous experience in the furniture manufacturing business, so she knows how certain aspects of even our most fabulous upholstered furnishings, for instance, can be toxic!  You’ll love this website with so many interesting articles and furnishings, I just had to pass it on!  Ellen is 1st Dibs “investigative reporter”, who will keep us up-to-date as to what’s toxic and what’s not, and help us enjoy “getting green”! 

BTW, our Dino Mark Anthony line of upholstery uses lumber from sustainable forests, water-based glues and finishing products, and an abundance of linen,cotton, hemp and other natural fibers. 

On another note, the CBS Sunday Morning segment on artist Hunt Slonem is finally airing this coming Sunday, April 13th at 9:00 EST.  

Have a great weekend enjoying the Spring weather!

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