New Designer Palette colors available and newsletter is up!

February 12, 2008

 Our new colors are available and if anyone would like samples, please just call us and we’ll send them right out to you (at no charge).  You can read all about them in our latest newsletter which was just posted:  Winter 2008 Living Well

Also, our new sets will have the Designer’s Palette colors included.  We did retire a few colors (Seven’s Pink, Caribe, Sunshine. .  to name a few) but they are always available as samples and by the gallon.  It’s just that we try to keep the sample “sets” down to around 90 colors.

I have been wrestling with increasing our prices.  January 1st, ICI increased the prices of all their paint products.  They have had to do this several times over the years as the price of oil has quite a bit to do with the price of paint (as much as I dislike thinking the two are related).  I am afraid that beginning Monday, February 18th the price per gallon will be a couple dollars more.  However, it’s still a bargain at around 25 cents per square foot!

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