CBS Sunday Morning bumped again!

January 28, 2008

I received a call late Friday afternoon letting me know that the Hunt Slonem segment on CBS Sunday Morning was postponed again!  Interesting that it’s always on a Friday afternoon when they figure out what’s going to air on Sunday morning.  

In any event, I really don’t like to bother people with emails–so I usually only send an email once every season to announce the posting of my newsletter (with the exception of the emails announcing the CBS show).  So. . . rather than bother people on my list who are not interested with yet another email about it, I’m just going to keep the announcements limited to this blog.  We are assured that the segment will appear sometime before the Spring.  I would imagine I’ll get a call one upcoming Friday afternoon confirming the new date, and when I do, I’ll immediately post it here.  However, if you would like for me to email you personally, please let me know:  ellen@ellenkennon.com

On another note, the Winter 2008 Living Well Newsletter is almost completed.  I’m just awaiting information from a couple of the designers from our “Designer’s Palette” which should be in any day now.  Also, we are busy painting up the 16 new colors, so we’ll be ready to send them out upon request!

The names, selected by each designer, are quite enticing:  Pearl, Classic Marc, Morning Yellow, Ginger Ale, Christine’s Cloud, H2 Ahh!, Sandy Lagoon, Dean’s Dream, Perret Ivory, Amy’s Sarasota Sand, Powdered Pebbles, Tiffany Taupe, Juliet’s Potion, Jaunty Jen, Silk Road Plum and Barry’s Babylon!


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