Alexandras and Alexander

January 10, 2008

Recently, an old NYC friend, Dan Barclay Thompson, came to visit.  Dan is one of those renaissance men:  actor, decorator, contractor, and now he’s going to nursing school!  His visit was on the heels of another trip to New Hampshire where he visited another old NYC friend who has recently created a new line of earth-sustainable beauty products, “Alexandra’s Jewels“.  Alexandra had given Dan some products to try and he was so impressed, he had some sent to me.  Alexandra uses only the finest natural ingredients, rich in anti-oxidents, and contain no chemicals of any kind.  Her “Diamond Deodorant” (that comes in a container that looks like perfume), has none of the typical ingredients found in deodorants that cause breast cancer.  Actually, the reason she calls them “jewels” is not only because they reflect some of nature’s precious jewels like her proprietary “whipped” shea butter, moringo oil, coconut oil and diamonds, but she packages them to look like precious jewels!  I’ve been trying them for a couple of weeks now and love all three products.  Her “Lip Glossing Creme” is so light, I want to slather it all over my face!  Her “Sugar Lips” is an exfoliant that moisturizes at the same time and although, created for lips, like many of her products, it mult-tasks as a hand and face polish, too!  If all that weren’t enough, everytime I pick up one of her little jewels, I smile because it makes me think of my daughter, Alexandra!  “Alexandra’s Jewels” can be purchased online via her website:  www.alexandrasjewels.com

What I love best about the holidays (besides taking time off) is that many old friends re-surface.  I received an email from architect and friend Mark Meche who used to work at Concordia Architects in New Orleans and moved to Salem, Massachusetts many years ago and opened Winter Street Architects where he is now Principal Architect.  I hadn’t heard from Mark in a few years and was dismayed to learn that his youngest son, Alexander, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June 2006, and although he has been clear of Leukemia for a year now, he will have to continue treatments.  Good news, though.  His prognosis is very good!  Mark is showing his gratitude to Massachusetts General Hospital by participating in their fundraising marathon.  The funds raised will go directly to support the Cancer Care for Kids by supporting research into the causes of childhood cancer and to develop new treatments for these cancers.  To read more of Mark and Alexander’s story, visit their fundraising webpage:  http://www.firstgiving.com/Meche_Marathon_Team

I was able to spend the day with Hunt Slonem yesterday, who I mentioned in my previous blog entry will be on CBS News “Sunday Morning” this Sunday, January 13th (9EST, 8CST).  Hunt doesn’t even have a television, so I plan on taping it.  However, if anyone reads this has that capability, I sure would appreciate having a back up!

Thanks so much!

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