Catching up!

November 29, 2007
 I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I posted an entry!  Too much going on.  All great, though.  

The newsletter is out which inspired me with all my talk about helping the environment, so I went out and traded my old Isuzu Trooper for one of those new little Toyota Prius hybrids.  LOVE that car!  I bought it sight unseen after going onto ask.com and entering “what car gets the best gas mileage?”  I already knew I my next vehicle needed to be a hybrid, but it was an added bonus to discover what a great little car it is and what great gas mileage it gets!  That’s what I love about the internet.  I continued to click on other links where people were raving about their Prius, saying how roomy the inside was and how it was more like a Lexus than a Toyota.  So then, I telephoned the local Toyota dealer and bought it via phone and fax.  It wasn’t until I went to pick it up that I discovered what a bargain it was!  I truly am getting almost 51 mpg and with all the driving back and forth to Baton Rouge to take my daughter to school, it’s paying for itself!  

Then, the very next day, I received a telephone call from a photographer who was asked to photograph me using my iPhone (another great new tool) for an upcoming article on women over 40 who love their iPhones (I’ll keep the publication secret until it comes out!).  Since I travel often via ferry to work with artist Hunt Slonem (huntslonem.com), she took photos on the ferry which crosses the Mississippi River.  It was actually quite lucky as my poor old Trooper would never have made as great a photo.  By the way, the photographer, Lori Waselchuk (loriwaselchukphoto.com) turned out to be amazing!  Her photographs have appeared in Time, Life, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, National Journal, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Independent, and The Times (London) in addition to several books, including 2006 Katrina Exposed for the New Orleans Museum of Art.

As I mentioned in the newsletter, we are busy putting together a “Designer’s Palette” of colors which will debut soon.  I asked designers, architects and color consultants who use our paints to select a color that they use most often and consider their “signature color”.  Wait ’til you see!

Also, Barbara Richardson, ICI’s Color Marketing Director, sent me their beautiful new book with all the colors selected as the colors to look for in 2008.  I was so surprised to see what was selected as the color for 2008!  Can’t wait to create our full spectrum version of it! 

P.S.  Speaking of Hunt, his book, Pleasure Palaces: The Art & Homes of Hunt Slonem, makes a beautiful Christmas gift and is available on Amazon.com. 

Hunt was kind enough to mention me in the “interview with the artist” in the back!

It was so great having a long Thanksgiving weekend, I have decided to do the same for both Christmas and New Years.  Our offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday for both.


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