House Beautiful Fall Color Issue

September 3, 2007

If you don’t have it, you should get it.  The September issue of House Beautiful Magazine is all about color!  We especially love the two articles by Mimi Read where she interviews various designers asking them about their favorite neutrals and their favorite “colorful” neutrals.  Not only do I get to talk about our “Mushroom” (#13 of 14) and “Buttercream”, but I’m discovering all kinds of great new colors from the other designers in the articles which should, of course, be full spectrum!  Look for new designer-inspired colors soon!

Gerrie Bremermann’s “Papaya” color  (described by Gerrie as “homemade vanilla ice cream with a little caramel in it”) is already a dead ringer for our “Parchment,” which is a color I used recently in the majority of a new decorating project in Houston for Marcia and George Gsell.  It is beautiful and works especially well with their Sage foyer and Gustavian Grey master suite.  Gerrie also uses it with blues, greens and blue-greens of the sea and sky.  Yummy!

Speaking of color!  Have you visited our Photos and Reviews page lately?  I have recently posted (at the end of the page) many of our vibrant new Summer 2007 colors used in the Ogden Museum Exhibit of Hunt Slonem’s work! 

Wishing you a happy Labor Day and exciting fall season!

P.S.  Mention you read our blog and we’ll take $5 off per gallon on  our “neutrals”  Buttercream and Mushroom when you place your order!

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