A Gamblin’ Gal

May 10, 2007

Well, after still not being able to retrieve my email, going on 60 hours now (i.e. not the 24 they keep telling me), I decided to forget about calling iPowerWeb’s technical support and I tried calling the sales office.  I immediately was put through to Dana, an account representative, who gave me the detailed skinny on what was going on with this server replacement.  As it turns out, Ipower (www.ipowerweb.com) was switching to a new server but the person in charge evidently botched it.  He’s now been fired.  I’m one of around 500 people affected.

According to Dana, I could go ahead and switch to a newer server now and this would fix my problem much sooner.  However, one BIG drawback!  My website would be out of commission for 12-24 hours.  He gave me his word.  So. . . desperate to get back to normal, I consented.  So far, the website is still up and my email is still out (i.e. no change).

So, hopefully. . . . . . I’ll be back up and running VERY SOON.  Of course, there’s still the telephone:  877-877-7628 and the office email:  fspaints@aol.com

I tell ya, it’s always something!  🙂   

P.S.  We’re still running the blog sale, so read on to the previous entry!

P.P.S.  Have you seen our new page “Photos & Reviews” with all the photos of rooms done in our various colors?  It keeps growing and growing.  If you have any, by all means, send them on!

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