Anybody out there?

May 8, 2007

Since Sunday, my personal email, ellen@ellenkennon.com has not been working.  I can’t even get through to iPowerWeb on the telephone.  When I initiate one of those live chats, I’m told they have been transferring to a new server and not to worry, all of my emails are there and I’ll be able to retrieve them within 24 hours.  Meanwhile, what to do, what to do???

If anybody out there is trying to reach me via email, please email the girls at the office:  fspaints@aol.com

Speaking of “girls at the office”.  There’s Tiffiny, Dianthe and Kristin!  I’m in and out and happily talking color over the phone!  Speaking of color, we have our 7 newest color samples available.  Just give us a call and we’ll send them right out to you.  Seven sun-drenched Summer brights!  Great for spiffing up a closet or adirondack chair or other piece of furniture.  Or, if you’re really bold, bathing yourself in a roomful of color!  For incentive, we’re offering a “blog discount:  $5 off per gallon of  the new colors”.  Just remember, you need to tell us you read about the discount on the blog.  Also, our blog discount is still available on the popular colors mentioned in Kate Smith’s “Behind the Brand” article at www.sensationalcolor.com (or you can find a link to it on a previous blog entry).

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