I’m baaack!

May 1, 2007

I feel like I’ve been out of town, I’ve been so busy getting our home ready for the photo shoot!  As much as I love my house, I’ve always felt it did not photograph very well.  However, Kerri McCaffety took over a dozen fabulous photos (including the one I use at the top of my blog!  Although I was able to see them on her camera, I can’t wait to see them when the magazine (Louisiana Home & Garden) comes out!  It will be in the August issue which probably comes out late July.  Their website, ourhouse.biz, has quite a few articles from previous issues, so I’m hoping our article will be on their website as well, since it’s a regional magazine.  While Kerri was in St. Francisville, she scouted for other articles and found so many interesting places, she’s coming back in a few weeks.  

Speaking of articles, Donna Mosher’s e-magazine, Authentic Living, has included an article,  “Planetary Palettes” , that discusses the latest color trends.

In case you’re interested, Kate Smith posted a recording of our teleseminar “Finding the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home Interior” (click title to link).  

I’m looking forward to Julia Rogers Hamrick’s upcoming teleseminar on Tuesday May 22nd when Julia will provide some understanding of “why Easy World is magical and how you can partake of it’s power to solve problems and take care of business easily and effortlessly! ”  For more details, visit Julia’s website events page.  In addition to juliarogershamrick.com, she has a new website, iliveineasyworld.com!

I received a correction on a prevous blog entry, I’d like to pass along.  Evidently  I erroneously said the Alluvian Hotel is in Greenville, Mississippi instead of Greenwood!! Thank you so much for the correction. I still have not had a chance to visit, but will definitely make a point to visit this summer! I continue to keep hearing fabulous things about this place!

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to share a sweet story my dear friend Beth Arnold wrote that’s on The Huffington Post:  Sustenance

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