7 New Colors: Summer Brights!

April 14, 2007

I recently received an email from Jean

Weisbrook who lives in Houston.  She found me on the internet while searching for Iris Williams, a channeler who had moved from Louisiana to Ocean City in Washington state.  (My website came up because it contains a quote from Iris from a reading, when she told me I was “a ‘ghostbuster’ who could clear the energy in a room so that angels could come in and play.”  So, after a few emails back and forth, Jean drove 5 hours from Houston to meet me for lunch.  She told me she felt she needed to meet me but didn’t know why.  We immediately realized we had a lot in common, but when she started telling me stories about space clearing projects she’s had, I discovered many reasons as to why we were to meet!  She also gave me a message that I needed to have a much brighter yellow in my palette that represented solar energy.  She said my “Sunshine” color just wasn’t vibrant enough.  So after much consideration and deliberating over just how bright a yellow she meant, I not only came up with the yellow (Monet Soleil), but was also inspired to create 6 more new colors that are equally as bright.  These colors are very different from the earthy, back to nature colors I’ve been touting.  However, since we’re coming into the Summer season, I thought I’d try them out.  For people who love rooms saturated in color (like Monet), they can be used on walls, but most often they’re seen as exterior accents.  They will soon be available as paint for walls, trim & furniture, as well as exterior paints for doors, shutters and other accents.  

“Monet Soleil”, a take on the name of my property, Mon Soleil, is, as you might imagine, the yellow of Monet’s dining room at Giverny.  “Giverny Blue” was taken from the blue used in his dining room.  “Giverny Green” was taken from his exterior window trim, shutters, steps and railings.  “Mykonos Blue” and “Mykonos Red” are those exterior colors seen in the Greek Isles.  “Monteverde” is the bright green seen in the Costa Rican rain forest.  “Del Sol” is another yellow that is deeper and more orange than Monet’s yellow (I was having a hard time trying to decide between the two).  We’ll have samples available next week!


 Jean is not only a great inspiration for new colors; her stories about working with garden fairies and other unseen energies inspired me to start decorating my property to attract more fairies!  I’ve been busy taking her advice, hanging shiny things from the trees, scouting for garden gnome statues and reading Doreen Virtue’s newest book, Fairies 101!  Did you know that fairies like chocolate, too?  🙂

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