Happy Easter/Spring Break!

April 6, 2007

The teleseminar was such fun and we’re getting great feedback from it!  I used to get a thrill using my three-way calling to hook up friends and chat.  This new technology is so incredible, it hooked up over 50 people and we were all able to chat with each other at the beginning of the interview.  Kate Smith is such a pro, she should have her own television show!  It could be called “Color Talk”!  In any event, it was very fun and there’s a downloadable article “Creating Color Harmony at Home” that Kate asked me to write that is available on her website, www.sensationalcolor.com  You can access it via this webpage:  http://www.sensationalcolor.com/content/view/1234/146/   

Speaking of articles and clever technology, Donna Mosher, editor of Authentic Living Magazine (www.authenticliving.com), turned some of my last newsletter into an article for her Sanctuary section of her e-magazine.  She’s running a special and for only $19, you can subscribe!  Authentic Living is a great source for all kinds of articles on how to live the life you love.

I know my life is going smoothly these days.  I’ll admit it was a bit turbulent recently as I’ve had some changes with my office help.  I’m happy to report that things are back on track with two new assistants, Tiffiny and Brittany.  Julia Rogers Hamrick, editor of my newsletter and author of the book, Recreating Eden (www.juliarogershamrick.com ) has been a tremendous help with her newest “Easy World” forum.  I just kept repeating her affirmation, “I live in easy world, where everything is easy!”  You can also be inspired to live in easy world by visiting her newest site:  http://powerfulintentions.com/forum/easyworld   I’ll also be talking about it more in my next newsletter as I keep remembering the song, “Summertime and the Living is Easy”!

Photographer Kerri McCaffety (www.kerrimccaffetyphoto.com) telephoned yesterday to tell me she’s the new editor of Louisiana Home & Garden Magazine and wants to come photograph my house for the first issue with her as editor!  I’m so honored and thrilled to have my home photographed by such an accomplished photographer!  If all this weren’t enough, the magazine will be out next month (May issue)!  I just LOVE instant gratification!

Oh, I almost forgot!  I’ve been working on a new page on my website, Photos & Reviews, which has lots of photos of rooms painted with our full spectrum paints.  It can be accessed via www.ellenkennon.com/testimonials.htm   I couldn’t resist having Color Consultant Lori Sawaya (www.colorstrategies.net) tell her latest experience with a painter who tried to copy a couple of our paint colors.  She’s always telling me stories about painters being blown out of the water trying to do this, but this latest one takes the cake! 

Still having that sale on the colors mentioned in the article “Behind the Brand:  Full Spectrum Paint” that’s on Kate’s website:  http://www.sensationalcolor.com/content/view/1090/145/   But remember, to get the $5 off per gallon, you have to know which colors and tell us when you place your order, that you read it here on my blog!

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