Buttercream Wins Hands Down! $5 off per gallon

February 22, 2007

 I was interviewed today by Natasha Botha (http://www.natashabotha.com), a writer Kate Smith hired to write an article about me.  One of the questions she asked was to name my most popular color.  I answered “Buttercream” off the top of my head, but afterwards, I checked our stats to confirm my answer (since I hadn’t checked in quite a while).  I discovered that not only is Buttercream the number one best seller, it also outsells our next most popular colors (Gustavian Grey, Honeysuckle, Mushroom, Sage  & Edgewood Green) almost 3 to 1!  It is  the color I used in my main living area, so could that be the reason?  Or could it be because it is a cheerful color that promotes creativity and communication while stimulating the intellect?

In Buttercream’s honor, we’re offering $5 off per gallon if you mention you read about it on our blog.
Back to Natasha.  As it turns out, Kate discovered her on yet another websiteI had never heard about, http://www.elance.com .  Elance is the new ebay for hiring professionals in a variety of fields ranging from every kind of writing project imaginable to computer programming and website design.  I know I’ll be exploring the talent this site offers often.   If my interview with Natasha is any indication, this is quite a find!  Can’t wait to read what she wrote.  I’ll share when I see it.


We’ve been getting more calls than usual these days because of an article, “Glowing Paint”, which is in a fairly new Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publication, Beautiful Southern Homes (Spring/Summer 2007).  Quite frankly, I hadn’t heard of the magazine until Shelley Stewart, its Contributing Editor, called me for the interview.  Now that I’ve had the chance to enjoy the magazine, I immediately ordered a subscription.  If you like Southern Accents and Veranda, you’ll love Beautiful Southern Homes (http://bhg.com/bhg/store/product.jhtml?prodid=prd555136&psrc=storesitesearch).

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  1. Thank You from GreenDimes
    Thank you so much for your mention of the GreenDimes service. It’s really true that we plant trees when you sign up. We also have green bags and tees which are popular(and which will go nicely with your green-painted walls).

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