Sensational Color, Sensational Kate!

January 24, 2007

I’m happy to report that the Winter 2007 Living Well Newsletter was uploaded to our website yesterday! It was inspired by color consultant Kate Smith’s new website: http://www.sensationalcolor.com.

Kate is a renowned color consultant, whose color expertise covers every single aspect of living with color. It is updated daily with the latest info and interesting articles on color. Also, I’m so fortunate and thankful to be included on her website! And if that weren’t enough, Kate also featured me as the “Home Color Expert” on yet another site:


Both articles have been sending LOTS of new visitors to our website! To celebrate all this new enthusiasm, we’re offering $5 off on our rendition of the ICI Paint International Color Group’s Color of the Year–PINK! We created two new full spectrum pinks, “Shell Pink” and “Seven’s Pink”. For information on the properties of pink and other colors predicted to be popular for 2007, be sure to read the latest Living Well Newsletter (http://www.ellenkennon.com/newsletter.htm)!

To get free samples of our new colors, email us at fspaints@aol.com or call our tollfree number: 877-877-7628


  1. Thank you Ellen!

    I appreciate your kind words and endorsement for Sensational Color. I’m glad many of my readers are enjoying your website and I bet some may even be inspired by your offer to make a special space in their home “pretty in pink”.

    Many thanks,

    Kate Smith
    Contributing Editor & Founder, Sensational Color

  2. Re: Thank you Ellen!

    My PLEASURE!! I feel I’ve found a new kindred spirit and am excited to share your wonderful website with friends!

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