Winter – “Go Within or You Go Without”

January 8, 2007

Every Winter I often remember the phrase “Go within or you go without”; and quite frankly, I can’t remember who I’m quoting. I think it’s Donald Neale Walsh  from one of his Conversations with God books. In any event, I haven’t written in quite a while, as I do spend an incredible amount of time during the Winter meditating and reflecting.  I’ve also been working on my Winter newsletter which will be out soon. I’ve been researching the connection between Archangels, their aura colors and the gemstones associated with them.  It has led me to start creating jewelry.  Of course my 13 year old daughter says I’m just like all the other middle-aged women making beads.  My new assistant, Teci Brown, is doing a wonderful job which has certainly given me time to work on more creative endeavors. 

Speaking of creative endeavors, I am enjoying a fabulous painting that the incredibly talented artist Hunt Slonem (http://www.huntslonem.com) sent me. Although I’ve always felt like my Living Room is a temple with “little altars everywhere”, Hunt’s painting of Archangel Sandelphon is showering the space with loving energy!  Everyone who has seen it can’t get over how it just radiates energy. Although a photo doesn’t do it justice, I’ll share:

Click photo to enlarge, or better yet, come visit to experience!
(In case you’re wondering, the small marble sculpture at the bottom is the Asian goddess Quan Yin)  

I had another surprise over the holidays.  Remember the portrait artist I wrote about in a previous entry?  Mary Soniat?  Well, she surprised me with quite a gift!  She sent me a portrait she painted from the Southern Accents article.  It even came with a set of note cards she made from the portrait.  What a talent she is!  Here’s the back of the note card showing how she works from a photograph.  I sent my mother one and she liked it so much she framed it. (Aren’t mother’s great?)  
I’m thinking I should loan the painting to her since she likes the note card so much.  🙂 

In case you can’t read her contact info:  
To see more of Mary’s work: http://members.cox.net/soniatdufossat/ Or better yet, call or email her: 504-733-8225 or mmsoniat@cox.net.

I guess I’ll be spending more time “going within”, because I certainly haven’t been “going without”!  And working with those Archangel Oracle Cards are attracting all kinds of blessings!  (I wrote about those in a previous entry, but can’t recommend them enough:  http://www.angeltherapy.com

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