Not a kleenex in town!

November 30, 2006

St. Francisville is a small town. We have two grocery stores and two “dollar” stores. Lots of unique gift shops that help draw tourists–especially during this “Christmas in the Country” time of year. I don’t get out much and often work from home, so I guess I haven’t noticed what must be an epidemic of stuffy noses! I went to pick up some kleenex (not because I have a stuffy nose) and couldn’t find any–anywhere! I immediately went home and swabbed my nose with Zicam! Which is why I’m writing about this. I have not had so much as a cold in years. I’m never sick. I was actually flattered when my daughter said I was “sub human”. I’m often asked how I stay so healthy, so let me share my secret. I have been taking Dr. Todd Ovakaity’s laser energized nutritional supplements for over five years now. I’ve mentioned “Dr. Todd” in previous newsletters because I’ve enjoyed several of his lectures and seminars. He’s a brilliant medical doctor who is also very spiritual. I truly believe his “high vibrational” products are the reason I never seem to catch what’s going around. I religiously take his “VitaSpray” which is a sublingual spray that consists of 100% of the RDA’s of Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Biotin. VitaSpray is a fast acting, fast absorbing liquid spray that has a much improved absorption and assimilation rate over ordinary vitamin tablets. Dosage is only 3 squirts under the tongue twice a day. The plastic bottle it comes in, is small enough to carry in your purse.

I also use his “ImmuneBoost” during this time of year which is an oxygen boosting formula that contains highly absorbable trace elements and 34 enzymes for routine immune support. If there is exceptional stress on the immune system or you feel an illness coming on, ImmuneBoost provides extra support to preserve health or encourage recovery. It comes in an even smaller plastic bottle that you use to squirt 8 drops into a glass or small bottle of water. There’s only a hint of a lemon flaver, so it’s like having “water with lemon”! There are so many products available, I suggest you visit Dr. Todd’s very informative and “enlightening” website: http://www.gematria.com I’m getting ready to try his newly improved anti-aging “MethusaLife/Cellfood” which is based on the only documented experiment in history that has shown the ability to double and even triple the life span of mammals. This sublingual spray provides the body with the bases of DNA & RNA that it needs to build its own healthy DNA. I’ll keep you posted!

I mentioned “Zicam” earlier which is another over the counter preventative I use. A box of Zicam contains individually wrapped nose swabs that you can use after being exposed to colds and flu. (They say germs reside in the nose for days before they spread to the rest of the body.) For instance, I was recently at a party where it seemed everyone I spoke with was complaining of a cough or stuffy nose. As soon as my daughter and I got in the car, I said “lets go home and swab our noses”! 🙂

On a more “professional” note, I want to introduce my new assistant, Teci Brown (pronounced “T.C.”), who is answering the phones and helping with paint orders every weekday (Mon.-Thurs. 9-5 & Fridays 9-2). I’ve been working with her closely for the past few weeks (hence my delay in posting to my blog). There’s so much to learn about the paint business, that I’ve revamped some of our web pages to include which colors are available in which products. For instance, Berry Red, Rust, Ruby, Carnelian, Sapphire & Emerald are formulated in the deepest tint bases which are not available in the Lifemaster VOC-free products. But not to worry, all ICI products are “low” VOC. Now, you’ll be able to see alongside each color description this detailed information. Here’s a link to the page that can lead you to the four different palettes of colors: http://www.ellenkennon.com/colorsanduses.htm

Speaking of colors, I’m going to call Barbara Richardson, ICI’s Color Director, TODAY to find out the newest color predictions for 2007 and get back with you soon!

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