White Opal Sale!

November 1, 2006

I always love to check my webstats after posting a new newsletter. I’m happy to report that more people than ever have read my latest newsletter! I use Webstat (http://www.webstat.com) which is a wonderful service in that I can see not only how many hits I get each day, but which pages each visitor visits, which websites refer my site and so many details you wouldn’t believe! In any event, I love to click on the “referring website pages” to see who’s talking about me. There’s a new one! It’s called “MakeUp Alley” (http://www.makeupalley.com) of all things. Here’s a copy and paste of what someone had to say about White Opal. This came on the heals of Marc Charbonnet’s office calling last week requesting more samples of White Opal as it is the color they use most as well. Being a color person, it’s not my favorite, but I’m so happy people are appreciating it and finding it’s making them “happy”!

“There’s a fantastic full spectrum white from Ellen Kennon (http://www.ellenkennon.com)
it was either “snow” or “white opal”. You can order a sample here: http://www.ellenkennon.com/ordersamples.htm

It’s a white paint that’s made of lots of other colors, so it sparkles red and orange and blue, but it’s a white paint. It’s really pretty (atleast on the sample they sent me). It’s happy. Full spectrum paint is supposed to make people happy. So maybe you may want to consider it.” -Helaine

Why, my prayers and visualizations must be working! Remember? That everyone who comes into contact with my paints is joyful and balanced! To celebrate, we’re offering $5 off of every gallon of White Opal, no matter which product. And just in case it was “Snow” she was talking about, I’ll include it in the discount, too! Happy November!

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