Last week of September Sale!

September 26, 2006

Just a reminder that we’re offering $5 off per gallon through the end of this week. Be sure to tell us you read about it on my blog, so we’ll be sure to deduct the discount from your order.

I’m still digesting everything I learned (& it was a lot!) from the ASID Seminar in Cincinnati last Saturday. Deborah Burnett (http://www.deborahburnett.com) was an even more dynamic speaker, teacher & entertainer than I had imagined. It’s no wonder she’s the National Residential Spokesperson for ASID, not to mention a frequent guest of HGTV’s “Decorating with Style”, “Our Place” and “Smart Solutions”. Her “Color, Light, Texture & Sound: Comfort Defined” seminar contained a wealth of information which I hope to incorporate into my next newsletter. I must have taken 60 pages of notes. Since her audience was mostly interior designers, she inspired us to realize what power we have to create either “life enhancing” or “life threatening” environments. She had the latest scientific data to back up much of what I felt intuitively, yet there were still so many new things I learned as well–especially with regard to lighting, sound, our connection to nature & the earth, and especially color! I’m already working on figuring out how to get her down here for another seminar and highly recommend you check out her website for any events she might have coming up in your area.

If this all weren’t thrilling enough, I was also treated to a one-on-one dinner with Deborah after the seminar. I’m still blown away by what an amazing woman she is and found myself continuously wondering how in the world she manages to accomplish all that she does.

Speaking of good times with amazing, talented women, I spent the evening before the seminar enjoying a divine dinner at Nicola’s Restaurant (http://www.nicolasrestaurant.com) with popular color consultant Lori Sawaya (http://colorstrategies.net). It’s such a treat to spend time in person with people you do business with long distance. It makes me want to put together an event down here in Louisiana in the hopes that we could get all our wonderful clients to come down and visit! Hmmm. . . I’m going to have to work on that.

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