Comfort Defined by Deborah Burnett

September 15, 2006

I’m so excited to finally meet Deborah Burnett (http://www.deborahburnett.com) in person and attend her one day seminar in Cincinnati next weekend! It’s being put on by the regional ASID Chapter, Saturday, September 23rd. The description of the course sounds so interesting: “Understanding how and why the human body receives interior environmental signals and translates that information into a comfortable place to live, work, shop and unwind: Deborah Burnett, ASID combines easy to understand scientific research with real world practicality. With hands-on demonstrations and audience participation exercises, we will. . . Learn how to understand the interconnection of color, light, texture & sound . . .Discover the differences between the way men & women process the invisible energies of key design elements so that you can translate that knowledge into a design project that exceeds all expectations. . . Review the latest reports and research projects delving into the study of how the environmental surfaces, finishes and lighting affect the human condition and the impact this will have on the future practice of interior design. . .Participate in hands-on demonstrations of room scenarios as to the best selections for total human comfort and general wellbeing.”

Color consultant Lori Sawaya (http://www.colorstrategies.com) is the one who actually told me about the seminar when she mentioned she was attending. As soon as I heard Deborah was going to be the speaker, I knew I was meant to be there! Deborah and I have spoken several times over the phone about the healing qualities of full spectrum paints. Deborah has given me scientific information about what I have felt intuitively on the subject and although I took notes while she was talking, I’m afraid it was so far over my right brain, that still don’t get it enough to repeat it! In any event, this promises to be an enlightening experience and I look forward to seeing Lori again, too!

If you are interested, they do accept non-ASID members: 1-800-530-ASID for more info.

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