Summer trips and summer reading

August 17, 2006

I just returned from the Big Apple where we were so very fortunate to arrive just in time for a “cool spell”. It was like being in San Francisco, with daytime temps in the seventies! I managed to mix business and pleasure by having fun with our number one client, Marc Charbonnet (http://www.mecaproductions.com), and enjoying several broadway shows with my daughter (the budding actress), Alex.

Marc, who is busy working on designs for a line of fabrics and trims, took time out to bring us to the new cafe’ at the Design & Decoration Building which has a wonderful terrace overlooking the city and East River. I also managed to find a couple of out of print books on the history of paint colors at the bookstore downstairs!

Speaking of books. After reading the excerpt from “The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast” by New York Times best-selling author David Brinkley in Vanity Fair Magazine, I rushed out to purchase a copy and have been enjoying it immensely ever since. Brinkley is a history professor at Tulane University, so you can be sure it’s an accurate account of what went down–not to mention thorough! All 685 pages (I’m still reading).

Didn’t want to bring such a heavy book on the plane, so I brought another great read, Queen of the Turtle Derby and Other Southern Phenomena by Julia Reed. Julia and I have mutual friends and I actually met her a few years ago. She’s originally from Greenville, Mississippi, but lives in both New Orleans and New York. Writes for Vogue Magazine. Her book is so entertaining (& funny), I kept reading aloud parts of it to anyone who would listen (and they did & laughed!). Julia really captured Southern politics, fashion and women–not to mention food. She even put in a few recipes that I’m dying to try.

I received an email this morning with information about the upcoming LPB & PBS documentary, “Washing Away: Losing Louisiana”, which is airing in Louisiana on the one year anniversary of Katrina (8pm August 29). It’s narrated by Susan Sarandon and will air again in Louisiana September 3 at 4pm and to the rest of the US September 7 at 8pm CST. Here’s a link to it and if you’ll scroll down to the bottom, you’ll be able to see a preview:


Last, but not least, our local Country Roads Magazine just emailed me their first weekly newsletter, Milepost, which has great information on upcoming events, travel and cuisine. I especially enjoyed “Further Afield” by travel guru Dave Irwin where he links to some of his favorite websites with last minute travel deals. And after reading the article on the new Alluvian Hotel that the Viking Range Corporation’s founder Fred Carl created (which has also been featured in Architectural Digest and Travel & Leisure), I’m ready for a trip to the Mississippi Delta! The hotel is located in Greenville, Mississippi, same small town Julia is from. As it turns out, Fred Carl is also from Greenville and has relocated his entire administrative and production faciities there. Isn’t that also where Morgan Freeman lives?

To get on Country Roads’ Milepost Newsletter mailing list: milepost@countryroadsmag.com


  1. The Alluvian is located in Greenwood, not Greenville. Greenwood is an hour due east of Greenville on Highway 82. Just wanted to let you know before you head to Greenville and find yourself disappointed that you are in the wrong town!

  2. Correction!!!

    I just received the comment that I erroneously said the Alluvian Hotel is in Greenville instead of Greenwood!! Thank you so much for the correction. I still have not had a chance to visit, but will definitely make a point to visit this summer! I continue to keep hearing fabulous things about this place!

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