Back Home!

June 8, 2006

I’m back from San Francisco where I had a wonderful time meeting the area’s chapter of ASID designers and industry affiliates. I know people keep talking about “Southern” hospitality, but we Southerners have nothing on Jim Schwandt and Ruth Jacobsen who hosted the event!

Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but I was asked to speak at their monthly meeting which started off with a reception, complete with wonderful wines and delicious food at the Jacobsen and Balla Studio. It was so great finally meeting Ruth and Jim in person, as well as several other designers who have used our paints.

Also, I had only seen samples of Jacobsen & Balla’s full spectrum wallpaper, and their installation in the P.F. Chang’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge, which I loved. However, I was blown away by the beautiful, much larger (painting-size) samples hanging in their showroom! Ruth, who is a colorist and creator of the wallcoverings ,uses many more pigments than I have available to work with. And I must say, you can really tell see the difference! Although many of the “colors” in my palette were the same as hers, there was no comparison when it comes to the depth of colors in her wallpaper from painting with so many pigments, as well as the layers and layers of painting done to achieve the final product. However, it’s amazing how both paint and wallpaper products look when used together! (http://www.jacobsenandballa.com)

(Ruth Jacobsen)

Ruth and her husband Jake took me to E & O Trading Southeast Asian Grill (great food!) (http://www.eotrading.com) the following night where I saw another installation of their wallpaper and was amazed at how durable and well it holds up in such high traffic spaces. It sure stood out from the rest of the walls which were not painted in full spectrum paints. Perhaps I should let them know?

Another rich experience in tastes and colors was on Saturday, when Jim and his wife, Alison, took me to Napa to tour the Rudd Vineyard where we enjoyed some divine wines, followed by an incredible lunch at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen Restaurant in St. Helena. Rudd creates the wines for the Dean & DeLuca stores. Small world. Our tour guide was my good friend Beverly Walker’s stepson, Marshal Walker. He certainly has found his calling! (http://www.ruddwines.com)

 I’ve received a few emails pointing out that I haven’t had a blog entry in a while, so I figured I’d better take some time out to enter this one. However, I am working on my newsletter which should be out sometime next week.

I was met at the airport Sunday night by Kenwood and Alexandra with a copy of that day’s “The Advocate”, Baton Rouge’s local newspaper. We were the lead story of the business section! The reporter, Ellyn Couvillion, did an outstanding job explaining full spectrum paints and our relationship to ICI Paints, our manufacturer:


Until next time, we are extending our $5 off per gallon blog sale. But remember, to get the discount, you need to remind us each time you order!

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