Plantations abound!

May 12, 2006

I finally met Hunt Slonem (http://www.huntslonem.com)! He’s the internationally renowned artist I mentioned in a previous entry who recently bought two plantations down here (Albania & Lakeland). I’d heard so many wonderful things about him, I just had to meet him. So. . . I invited him to join some friends of mine for drinks at my house and dinner at The OxBow. He was every bit as charming and interesting as I’d heard. He brought me an autographed copy of one of his books which I adore! Several friends who had the opportunity to see it, ordered a copy from Amazon the very next day:


Speaking of plantations, my good friend Beverly Walker, who lives at Rosebank Plantation here in St. Francisville, is now renting out her slave cabins by the week (or longer). The grounds are beautiful, and the cabins are very charming. Beverly, who is the most accomplished woman I’ve ever met, has recently joined the world wide web! Although her parents told her “never learn how to type because you might end up being someone’s secretary”, she’s recently been taking typing & computer lessons from Denise Paul, my webmaster, (http://www.systemshelper.com) who also created a website for Beverly: http://www.cabinsatrosebank.com

Yesterday, I spoke with our mutual friend Cynthia Reeves of the petite Creole Plantation, House on Bayou Road in New Orleans (http://www.houseonbayouroad.com), who said despite Katrina damage, after a lot of hard work, she’s up and running her bed & breakfast, which has been a favorite of celebrities like Dan Ackroyd for years. I stay there every time I make an overnite visit and highly recommend it if you’re planning a trip to visit New Orleans. It’s very private and quiet, yet just blocks from the French Quarter. I hear there are more fabulous restaurants than ever!

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