Talented visitors!

April 19, 2006

Last Friday, as I was leaving the office; Angele Parlange drove up with two friends who were down here visiting her from New York. I’ve known Angele for years, but have actually spent more time with her mother “Miss Lucy”, who is quite famous for being such a charming hostess. I’ll never forget being in the hospital the day I delivered Alexandra, when Miss Lucy brought Martha Stewart to my shop at Shadetree. Although I was thrilled to be a new mother, I must say, I sure was sorry I wasn’t here to meet Martha in person!

Angele lives in New Orleans, but has been staying in Steven Gambrel and Chris Connor’s guest cottage in Sag Harbor since Katrina; so she brought them with her to show them around the area. Angele grew up at Parlange Plantation across the river in New Roads. You have probably seen and read about her, as she is incredibly talented. Angele has designed everything from cocktail dresses to fabrics, china, furniture, and accessories, and her latest project, a book entitled “Parlangerie: Adventures in Southern Creole Style” is due out early October. I’ve already ordered my copy through Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0060788062/ref=sr_11_1/002-4654599-1008043?_encoding=UTF8) as I’m certain it is going to be a GREAT read! There will also be photos. Last Summer, Angele had Kenwood take her water skiing so she could be photographed for the book doing the thing she spent much of her childhood doing as Parlange Plantation is on False River.

We St. Francisvillians just love it when interesting people come to town, so my dinner companions for the evening and I all had drinks on the deck at my house where we were enthralled with entertaining stories of their adventures. Angele mentioned that Steven Gambrel was THE hot, “in demand architect” in New York, so I later googled him and WOW! What a talent he is as well! Visit his website for divine inspiration: http://www.srgambrel.com While they were here, they also visited two plantations in the area that popular New York artist Hunt Slonem (http://www.huntslonem.com) is renovating. I had already been hearing about Hunt through Chris Morrison, who is heading up the renovation projects and had mentioned how interesting and talented his new client is.

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