The two Ellens

April 9, 2006

We’ve had quite a few changes here at Full Spectrum Paints! A little over a week ago, Jamie Kent, who has done a fabulous job of running our sample department, told me that the job had become too much for her to continue on a daily basis. Although I was devastated at first, I wasn’t surprised because I often wondered how in the world she did such a great job with three small children in tow! Jamie first came to help us paint samples a little over a year ago right after the Architectural Digest article came out. Since then, Jamie put together what we call our “warehouse” where she did everything related to getting our samples out: Painting samples, pouring jars, making sure all related supplies were in stock, related paperwork, packaging and shipping, etc. Although I’ll certainly miss her, I’m happy to say, she’ll still be available to help us out from time to time.

Always one to look for the hidden gift when I’m forced into a change, I found it was the perfect opportunity to move the “warehouse” under the same roof as the office and to create a new position so that I’d have more help in the office. I sat down and made a list of everything I hoped for in an assistant. Two days later, when I asked Ellen McFarland if she knew anyone interested in the job, she replied that she was! When I first moved to St. Francisville sixteen years ago, Ellen was the architect who designed the local lower elementary school and she hired me to select colors and finish surfaces. Since then, she has devoted her time to raising her two children. So next time you call and an “Ellen” answers the phone, you may have to ask “which Ellen?”

Friday we honored Jamie for the incredible job she’s done by having lunch at Varnadoe’s at The Myrtles Plantation. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo:

(Click on Photo to Enlarge–From left to right: Nancy Spillman who helps with our samples, Jamie Kent and Ellen McFarland)

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