Spring Gardens

March 29, 2006

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week. You can often find me having lunch at the Magnolia Cafe where I have quite a credit since they use my paints both inside and out and owner Robin Marshall is always making improvements. The other day, one of the waitresses, Billie Voohries, mentioned that she loves creating organic herb and vegetable gardens, so I enlisted her expertise and help in starting the square foot garden I mentioned previously. Well, it’s almost finished so I snapped a shot of Billie working away. Click on each photo to enlarge.

Yesterday, a hummingbird knocked itself silly by flying into our office window. Wayne, who helps Kenwood maintain the grounds, picked him up and helped him pull himself together before he flew off to join his family & friends:

Isn’t his back beautiful? It inspires new paint colors! When the weather is nice like it has been, Kenwood takes Alexandra and her friends camping on the grounds of Como Plantation. It’s the only plantation on the Mississippi River where there is no levee. Kenwood used to own it with a couple of friends many years ago and the new owner, Charlie Cole, is a close friend so he gives Kenwood unlimited use of the property. While I’m not much of a camper, it’s only 15 minutes from home, so I often join them for wine and cheese at sunset. Here’s last Saturday evening’s sunset:

If you’re ready to catch “Spring fever” you really should consider coming down to St. Francisville for a visit! Our last guests from New York flew down for only two days and said it was so relaxing, they felt like they had been away for two weeks!

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