Spring has sprung down here in Louisiana!

March 21, 2006

Although we’ve had quite a bit of rain, new spring growth is showing up everywhere down here. Marc Charbonnet and his friends visited last week from New York and it was such a pleasure to take them touring and especially to Afton Villa Gardens (http://www.aftonvillagardens.com) which was blooming profusely with white tulips, daffodils, azaleas, wisteria. . . just to name a few of the many blooms. Owner Gen Trimble was kind enough to treat us to a personal history of these wonderful historic gardens (250 acres on National Historic Register). I was so inspired, I spent the weekend preparing for planting our garden at home. This year, we are trying a square foot organic vegetable and herb garden–now that the goats have found a new home. I can hardly wait until things start sprouting!

Color consultant Lori Sawaya (http://www.colorstrategies.net) suggested we make a full spectrum version of her favorite “Aqua” color. It’s so beautiful, we are adding it to our stock colors (in place of Aquamarine). Anytime we phase out a color, it is still available, it’s just that we are trying to keep the size of our sets (84 colors) to a minimum, because it is quite an ordeal to have them all painted, cut, assembled, packaged, etc. “Aqua” will replace “Aquamarine”. It is very similar to “Gustavian Grey”, but deeper, yet not as deep as “Oasis”. “Aqua” is another one of those colors that is very chameleon-like as it shifts from green to dusky blue. Jamie Kent who runs our warehouse liked it so much she painted her son’s bedroom with it, and she says in her home it’s a beautiful grey-blue–very atmospheric. It’s a great color for both bathrooms and bedrooms.

We’re having a special 15% off price on the new “Aqua” color if you mention that you read it on this blog!

I’m enjoying working on the talk I’ll be giving June 1st at the Peninsula Chapter of A.S.I.D. in the San Carlos – San Francisco area. It will be held at the studio of Jacobsen & Balla (http://www.jacobsenandballa.com). They are the folks who make beautiful “full spectrum” wallpaper! I understand there’s a small fee to attend the meeting, however, they did say I could invite friends and paint customers in the area. I’ll write more as I know more.

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