Southern Accents Magazine is out! (& I’m in!)

February 24, 2006

Imagine this. I anxiously open an envelope from a printing company in Tennessee containing two copies of the latest issue of Southern Accents Magazine. I begin searching through one looking for the full page article on me and my paints. Nada. Nothing is there. Disappointed, I figure the article must have been bumped back and won’t come out until the May/June issue. Then yesterday afternoon I received a call from a lovely young woman in Houston who casually mentions my phone must be ringing off the hook because of the article. I ask “which article”? She says “why the one in Southern Accents”! She graciously faxes me a copy and sure enough, it’s me! So, I race down to Baton Rouge to the Barnes & Noble and am now the proud owner of a couple dozen copies!

The article couldn’t have turned out better. The photos by Kerri McCaffety are great (first photo of myself I’ve liked in years) and the story written by Robin Sutton is perfect. Why didn’t I see it in the first two issues I received? Evidently, there are certain regions that get certain versions? In any event, we’re thrilled with the outcome and if you happen to have one, we’re on page 202-W2 and it’s entitled “Ellen Kennon: The Louisiana designer introduces her clients to the therapeutic effects of color through her full-spectrum paints”. Oooh-la-la! I keep remembering the elderly divorcee’ in that old black and white movie “The Women” screaming “publicite'”!

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