Blue Tarp Fashion Show Benefiting America’s Wetlands

February 22, 2006

The fundraiser luncheon fashion show at Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter was a smash hit! We drove straight there from St. Francisville and walked a few blocks to get the restaurant. I couldn’t believe how clean and “unseedy” the Quarter was. No drunken bums, trash, urine smells or crowds which has always been what I did NOT like about the French Quarter, despite its many good restaurants and shops. The “Women of the Storm” put on a wonderful event that raised a good bit of money for America’s Wetlands. I was most impressed with Sidney Coffee’s speech. We’ve been good friends for 16 years and I’ve never heard any of her many speeches. I was so proud I almost cried. I especially liked her ending when she said “it’s time we quit being a victim and take back our power”! Everyone roared with excitement. Then the fashion show began. Must have been over 20 outfits, all created by artists out of the blue tarps that are covering so many roofs down here. There was everything from a fifties poodle skirt to a “Madonna Army Outfit”. After the fashion show, all outfits were auctioned off with proceeds going to America’s Wetlands. I bid on all of them, until I won the one that Judge Winsberg (who joined us at our table) seemed to like the most. Actually, he insisted on paying for half of it. Yesterday I received a call asking me if I would model it in their next event! I told them that will NEVER happen but that they could have the outfit for future use and perhaps if the Judge didn’t want to model it, they could find someone else! Here he is with the artist who was modeling her creation:

(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

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