Sale Extension!

February 14, 2006

I just love a sale and am actually so excited when someone says “I read about the $5 off per gallon on your blog”! So, I’ve decided to extend this sale through the end of the month. However, pa-leese don’t be shy about mentioning it; because that’s the way it works. Actually, I’ll forget if you don’t, which is why I set it up this way!

I’m finally going to go to New Orleans this Friday. I’ve been putting it off because I cry almost every time I think about it. However, the “Women of the Storm” are putting on a fund raiser for America’s Wetlands (if you’ll remember, my good friend Sidney Coffee plays a major role in saving the wetlands and is now Chairman of the Coastal Restoration & Protection Advisory). It’s a fashion show luncheon at Antoine’s Restaurant with all of the fashions being made out of blue tarps! How can it not be fun and most importantly, jovial & joyous? Surely I’ll be able to contain my tears being around the amazing “Women of the Storm”. These women are playing a major role in the rebuilding of New Orleans and I’m just in awe at their courage. I’ll be sure to report back. Maybe they’ll let me take photos!

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