Herding Goats

January 26, 2006

Life in the country is never dull. This morning just as I was sitting down to begin work on my newsletter, Kenwood came to get my help with Athena and Aphrodite (pictured below). We had to first catch them and then squeeze them into a kennel so that he could take them to the local 4-H Barn for our daughter Alexandra. She’s been raising them for this year’s 4-H Project where they will be used in the petting zoo this week for the local elementary school’s field trip and then shown at the local livestock show. Of course, we didn’t realize that you’re actually showing them to be sold and slaughtered when we first got them. Of course, we just cannot bear to have that happen. So. . . if anyone needs a couple of goats to grace their property, we’d be delighted to give you Athena and Aprhodite! Our friend Philip Plaisance says he used to have one to keep his grass mowed. Seems he’d tie his goat to an old tire and then just move it around as the goat ate his grass!

We’ll even throw in a couple of tires. 😀

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