Cottage by the Sea (Gulf)

December 13, 2005

Just a follow up to my last post. If you’re looking for a getaway, here’s the link to the B&B website mentioned previously:


You would think the paint business would slow down since there’s only 12 days left before Christmas. It’s amazing how many people are starting (& hoping to finish) painting projects before Christmas. St. Francisville has never looked prettier with its little twinkling white lights outlining every building in the historical district. If you love historical towns and beautiful landscapes, you should plan a trip here (http://www.stfrancisville.org). I always tell my friends up North to come visit here in the winter since it could easily be 70 degrees. Not that it wasn’t freezing this morning, but generally, we have many bright sun-filled days during the winter. March is especially nice here because that’s when the Azaleas begin to bloom. It’s also when we host our annual Audubon Pilgrimage when many private plantation homes are on tour.

And now. . . we’re thrilled to have not just one, but two fabulous fine restaurants! Our beloved OxBow Restaurant just re-opened in a beautiful new building, designed by Chef & former interior designer Philip Plaisance. New Orleans native Scott Varnadoe, who has relocated to St. Francisville since Hurricane Katrina, took over the OxBow’s old space at the Myrtles Plantation. Scott was voted one of the top five chefs in the country by Food & Wine Magazine back in 2000. He calls his cuisine “upscale, down South”. Very creative dishes like “Voodoo Barbeque Shrimp” served with smoked Gouda cheese grits, garlic French bread and fried sage leaves.

Many tourists who come to visit St. Francisville end up moving here and we’ve been happy to welcome many displaced New Orleaneans. Rich with colorful history (& modern day characters), it’s a dream for history buffs. Why, St. Francisville’s so special, it was recently on the CBS Morning News: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/12/22/earlyshow/series/main1157519.shtml

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